Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a plan to call a snap general election on 8 June.

Union Jack
Union Jack

UK political parties are, as usual at odds regarding policy.  But also, and perhaps more importantly at this point, they hold differing views about the way the UK should broker its departure form the European Union.

And it’s not all party specific – different opinions, support and resistance occurs among party members, often within their own camp, making for a less than United government regarding Brexit.  The Prime Minister, by calling the general election, seeks to bring some unity and common direction to the process.  It’s a risk, but one she appears to have carefully calculated.

And how will this affect the economy – interest rates, inflation, confidence?  Does it really mean that the UK could have a new Prime Minister after only a few short months with Theresa May?

Time will tell, and the wheels will keep on turning – hopefully any bumps in the road will be easily navigated and a more determined and united focus for a successful Brexit will be the result.

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