Dudley in wild garlic


Tomorrow marks the beginning of the year of the Brown Earth Dog – which made me smile. I have my very own Brown Earth Dog as you can see – and he can be found in many corners of the home, which should mean that 2018 will be an auspicious year both at home and in business.

If you’ve not yet met Dudley, he’s a mature Labrador – well, mature in years, as is demonstrated by his arthritic limbs, but still infantile in nature. I wouldn’t change his nature for the world, if only we could all capture the essence of our younger selves sometimes and shed the expectations that mature years places on us, we may sometimes take life a little less seriously than is necessary, and relax into the moment.

As well as a brown dog, I’ll be favouring the number nine this year – I doubt it will lead to a lottery win, but I’m willing to adopt it as my chosen number for 2018, on the off-chance that it brings good luck.

You can find out more about Chinese New Year and the year of the Brown Earth Dog here – Happy New Year!


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