With economic uncertainty, many businesses are looking at reducing investment in support services such as marketing that help to keep things ticking over.

Questions are being posed over investment and expansion plans, and a focus on survival can often take priority over a strategy for business growth. This is understandable, we are going through uncertain times – yet we need to look ahead.

These time will pass. The plodders will continue plodding. The reluctant investors will hopefully remain in business. And ambitious, brave businesses will lead the competition.

We know that to make it through hard times, we need to strike a balance of keeping an eye on the finances while still planning for future growth. And part of that plan is making sure our marketing communications are consistently reaching the right people, with relevant content that convinces them to engage with our brand.

So what if you have a marketing skills gap? Easy – set your objectives, agree your budget, and talk to a freelancer who can help. Whether you want to focus solely on social media, or a mix of marketing activity, an experienced freelancer will be able to take the work and provide a commitment that suits your requirements. No fuss, no training, no gaps.

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