When holiday leave is causing you a headache, hired help could be the answer

The school summer term is officially over, and families across the UK are heading off on holiday, seeking sunshine, relaxation and maybe a little adventure. In the run-up to taking a chunk of annual leave, team members may be desperately completing work projects, and planning for workload upon their return. Very commendable, though sometimes not so easy.

If you work in a marketing communications agency or other fast-paced organisation, it can often be hard to clear work so that a backlog can be avoided upon return – the job just doesn’t work like that. Clients and stakeholders reveal new information or timings that require their project to be looked after by a caretaker, or the best-laid plans simply don’t work out for one reason or another. We’ve all been there – it’s not through lack of planning or judgement, it’s just the way it goes.

So what do you do? Holiday cover will often be an option – particularly in a well organised team and where a skillset is easily transferrable. Take a marketing agency, for instance – your super-efficient Account Director is off for three weeks on his honeymoon, the team is already stretched as the Senior Account Director is off sick.

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