Beach Unsplash 010616Supermarkets and DIY stores nationwide must be thanking their lucky stars, as the late May bank holiday is proving to be almost wall-to-wall sunshine – somewhat different to Easter and the early May bank holiday.

So milky white Brits across the land will be baring flesh, cutting lawns, firing up the BBQ and opening a chilled bottle of vino – or three.

Responsible demand forecasters will be relishing the thought of depleted stocks of fence paint and choc ices, while parents’ sit in seaside traffic jams listening to their cherubs pipe up with how much longer?’ for the umpteenth time.

It’s an advertisers gamble at this time of year – will a hefty budget spend promoting the latest Game of Thrones box set be the best bet, as past history shows us that bank holidays are generally wet and spent sofa bound drinking copious cups of tea, or do you gamble with great British optimism that the sun will shine on through?

Well, I for one am glad that the optimists won this one – and lets enjoy every last drop of sunshine!

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