Happy New Year!

As we launch into 2017, we all anticipate changes to the way that businesses execute their marketing activity.  Data, branding, strategy, suppliers – you name it, there’s probably something written somewhere about how we should be improving the way we do things.

The amount of information ‘out there’ can sometimes be overwhelming – so I turned to one of my preferred sources for a summary of their thoughts for what to expect in 2017.  And I wanted to share this with you – with thanks to Mashable.

  1. Facebook and Google will continue to dominate – the rest of the industry will shrink
  2. Brands will buy all their own media – agencies will have to reinvent themselves
  3. Marketers will no longer blindly trust third party data
  4. Personalisation will mean more than just using a first name
  5. The death of personas will bring journey mapping to life
  6. Brands will call it quits on the native advertising game
  7. Shrinking digital footprints will force marketers to rethink their engagement strategies
  8. Marketers will no longer be duped by multi-device consumers – single customer profiles will rise
  9. Live data will breathe life into the marketing mix
  10. Agencies will have to adapt to survive.

You can read the full article here.

With very best wishes for a happy and successful 2017!


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